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Set the PREPROC field of a datafile


 A Datafile
 PREPROC String with preprocessing command
 PARS Cell array with parameters (default empty)
 PSTRUCT Structure array with a set of preprocessing commands

 A Datafile


Resets the structure array of preprocessing commands in A.PREPROC A.PREPROC(N).PREPROC = PREPROC A.PREPROC(N).PARS = PARS

A call without PREPROC and PARS clears A.PREPROC.

Preprocessing can only be defined for raw datafiles that do not contain  datasets. It is an error to define preprocessing for a datafile that  points to MAT files. In that case datasets are expected and preprocessing  is superfluous. All preprocessing commands are executed just before a  DATAFILE is converted into a PRDATASET.

The first command in the PREPROC field should always be a file read  command. The DATAFILE constructor stores by default IMREAD. It is removed  by SETPREPROC. Be sure to start a new series of preprocessing commands by  a command to read files. The first parameter of this commands should be  the filename.

Additional preprocessing commands may be stored by ADDPREPROCC.

See also

datafiles, addpreproc, datasets,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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