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Fixed mapping computing image features by the Matlab image toolbox


 A Dataset with binary object images dataset
 GRAY Gray-valued images (matched with A, optional)
 FEATURES Features to be computed

 F Dataset with computed features
  This function is a *replacement* for the function IM_MEASURE that is  based on the DipLib measure.m. This implementation is using the Matlab  function REGIONPROPS from the image toolbox. Use HELP REGIONPROPS to  find out which features are exactly supported.  In each image of the measurement set GRAY the features given in FEATURES are measured. In A a segmented version of GRAY has to be supplied.  When no GRAY is supplied, the binary images in A are used.

Use FEATURES = 'all' for computing all features.

See also

datasets, datafiles, regionprops,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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