R.P.W. Duin and E. Pekalska,  Pattern Recognition: Introduction and Terminology,
37 Steps ebook, 2015, 78 pages.

About the book

The book  gives the starting student an introduction into the field of pattern recognition. It may serve as reference to others by giving intuitive descriptions of the terminology. In ten chapters the topics of pattern recognition are summarized and its terminology is introduced. In the glossary about 200 terms are described. All glossary terms are linked, forward and backward by hypertext. In the glossary chapter external links are provided to internet pages, papers tutorials, Wikipedia entries, examples. The book does not rely on any specific software toolbox. The examples, however, are written in PRTools and the sources can be downloaded.


The book is available in three formats with the same content, all pdf: large, medium and small. The large format is based on A4 sized reports. The medium format is good for reading from a computer screen next to a browser, for using the web links, and possibly Matlab. The small format is intended to be read on an e-reader like the Kindle. Links are still there but might not work, depending on the hardware and software. All can be freely downloaded and distributed.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Recognition and consciousness
    1.2 Creating artificial PR systems
  2. A small example
  3. Review of PR problems
    3.1 Pattern recognition applications
    3.2 Data types
  4. The PR system in operation
  5. PR system design
  6. Representation
    6.1 Object representation
    6.2 Vector representations
    6.3 Dimension reduction
  7. Generalization
    7.1 Class models or decision functions
    7.2 Classifiers
  8. Evaluation
    8.1 Error estimation
    8.2 Learning curves
    8.3 Feature curves
    8.4 Accuracy guidelines
  9. Exploratory data analysis
    9.1 Cluster analysis
    9.2 Visualization
  10. Glossary
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