• Why are some routines supplied in p-code?

We distribute PRTools with p-coded versions of the routines in @dataset, @datafile and @mapping. The m-files in these directories just contain the help info. There is nothing secret about the software. Given the documentation you can even write or reconstruct these files easily  yourself.  If really needed why can also send you the m-file source.

The reason why we do this is that we want to avoid that different, incompatible versions of PRTools will be created. As a consequence we try to correct any bug, or any strictly needed upgrade as soon as possible.

  • p-code does not work, what to do?

The p-code compiler of Matlab changed some years ago. We distributed PRTools with the new p-code from release 4.2.1. The last version with the old p-code, needed for older Matlab releases is 4.2.0. It can be downloaded here.