This page gives access to PRTools and will list other toolboxes based on PRTools. They can be downloaded for free. Many of them are in fact a trial version and will have some restrictions w.r.t. dataset sizes or otherwise.

  • PRTools4, Pattern Recognition Tools: about 300 user routines for preprocessing, feature extraction, transformations, density estimation, classification and evaluation. See the PRTools introduction page for a more complete description. There are also other toolboxes available that can be freely used for non-commercial research purposes. The PRTools distribution contains mainly mfiles, partially pcode. [download] [user guide]
  • PRTools5. This has recently been developed. It works well with the simultaneous use of the Matlab Statistical Toolbox Stats and integrates a number of its classifiers. Transition from PRTools4 to PRTools5 is smooth. See the transition notes for more information. [download] [user guide][examples]