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The recognition task

What do we want to recognize? What are the objects to be classified? What are our examples? What will be our observations? What are the classes we want to distinguish? Are they human defined or are we searching for some truth that might be hidden in the observations but not clearly defined? Many choices to…

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Distances and densities

What is the ground for classifying a new object if we just have some some examples? How to we determine a proper class given a training set? We may find an identical copy in the examples if we are lucky. If there are more identical copies and they belong to different classes we are in…

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Features need statistics, as they reduce

Is statistics needed for learning? Well, it depends. A definite answer will be postponed for the time being. Here a first step will be made based on the traditional representation used for pattern recognition: the feature space. Objects belonging to different pattern classes differ. Otherwise it would not be possible to distinguish these classes. May…

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