Linear and Quadratic Classifiers

fisherc Minimum least square linear classifier
ldc Normal densities based linear (muli-class) classifier
loglc Logistic linear classifier
nmc Nearest mean linear classifier
nmsc Scaled nearest mean linear classifier
qdc Normal densities based quadratic (multi-class) classifier
udc Uncorrelated normal densities based quadratic classifier

Other Classifiers

nbayesc Bayes classifier for given normal densities
mogc Mixture of gaussians classification
knnc k-nearest neighbour classifier (find k, build classifier)
parzenc Parzen classifier
parzendc Parzen density based classifier
weakc Weak classifier
stumpc Decision stump classifier
adaboostc ADABoost classifier
treec Construct binary decision tree classifier
dtc Decision tree classifier, rewritten, also for nominal features
randomforestc Breiman’s random forest classifier
naivebc Naive Bayes classifier
fdsc Feature based dissimilarity space classifier
drbmc, Discriminative restricted Boltzmann machine classifier

Support Vector Classifiers

libsvc Support vector classifier by LIBSVM
nulibsvc Support vector classifier by LIBSVM
rblibsvc Radial basis SV classifier by LIBSVM
svc Support vector classifier
nusvc Support vector classifier
rbsvc Radial basis SV classifier

Perceptrons and Neural Network based Classifiers

bpxnc Feed forward neural network classifier by backpropagation
lmnc Feed forward neural network by Levenberg-Marquardt rule
neurc Automatic neural network classifier
perlc Linear perceptron
rbnc Radial basis neural network classifier
rnnc Random neural network classifier
vpc Voted perceptron classifier

Various related Routines

distmaha Mahalanobis distance
meancov Estimation of means and covariance matrices from multiclass data
edicon Edit and condense training sets
testk Error estimation for k-nearest neighbour rule
testp Error estimation for Parzen classifier
testn Error estimate of discriminant on normal distributions
testc General error estimation routine for trained classifiers
classc Converts a mapping into a classifier
labeld Find labels of objects by classification
rejectc Creates reject version of exisiting classifier
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