Classifiers – Linear and Quadratic

fisherc Minimum least square linear classifier  more routines
ldc Normal densities based linear (multi-class) classifier
loglc Logistic linear classifier
nmc Nearest mean linear classifier
nmsc Scaled nearest mean linear classifier
qdc Normal densities based quadratic (multi-class) classifier
udc Uncorrelated normal densities based quadratic classifier
statslinc Statistical toolbox linear classifier

elements: datasets datafiles cells and doubles mappings classifiers mapping types.
operations: datasets datafiles cells and doubles mappings classifiers stacked parallel sequential dyadic.
user commands: datasets representation classifiers evaluation clustering examples support routines.
introductory examples: Introduction Scatterplots Datasets Datafiles Mappings Classifiers Evaluation Learning curves Feature curves Dimension reduction Combining classifiers Dissimilarities.
advanced examples.

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