Fixed-cell mappings

(This topic is only important for PRTools programmers designing mappings)

Fixed-cell mappings are very similar as fixed mappings. The only difference is how they deal with cell arrays. In general, if called by the *-operator, cell-arrays are processed by mappings element by element. For instance:

A = {gendatb, gendatc, gendath};
U = fisherc;
T = A*U

T =

[2x2 prmapping]    [2x2 prmapping]    [2x2 prmapping]

in which T is again a cell array of the same size as A and T{i} is A{i}*U. A fixed-cell mapping, however, processes the entire cell-array internally. Examples are testc, and routines that expect single objects in a cell-element, filtm and procm.

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