Representation – Trainable Mappings

scalem Find appropriate scaling   more routines
bhatm Two-class Bhattacharryya mapping
fisherm Fisher mapping
chernoffm Chernoff mapping
kernelm Kernel mapping
klm Decorrelation and Karhunen Loeve mapping (PCA)
klms Scaled version of klm, useful for prewhitening
nlfisherm Nonlinear Fisher mapping
pcam Principal Component Analysis
proxm Proximity mapping and kernel construction
reducm Reduce to minimal space mapping
userkernel User supplied kernel definition
gtm Fit a Generative Topographic Mapping (GTM) by EM
som Simple routine computing a Self-Organizing Map (SOM)
mapex Support routine for training and executing a mapping with the same data.

elements: datasets datafiles cells and doubles mappings classifiers mapping types.
operations: datasets datafiles cells and doubles mappings classifiers stacked parallel sequential dyadic.
user commands: datasets representation classifiers evaluation clustering examples support routines.
introductory examples: Introduction Scatterplots Datasets Datafiles Mappings Classifiers Evaluation Learning curves Feature curves Dimension reduction Combining classifiers Dissimilarities.
advanced examples.

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